Does Thai Food Contain Nuts?

The original Thai beer since 1933 by Alexis GravelThe vast majority of Thai food does not contain nuts, but there are a few notable exceptions. If you are allergic to or just don’t like nuts you will be safe with 95 percent of Thai dishes.

One of the most famous and popular Thai foods is Pad Thai, which is topped with nuts. The dish is largely comprised of sprouts lightly fried with meat, with ground peanuts liberally sprinkled on top.

Cashew chicken is another Thai dish that obviously contains nuts. This one won’t surprise you though because the nuts are clearly labeled and pictured on the menu.

Some Thai desserts also have ground peanuts sprinkled on top. Off the top my head, those are the only Thai dishes that you will regularly come across.

Many Thai restaurants to offer ground peanuts as a condiment on each table. Many Thai people like to add ground nuts to their noodle soup, especially. There are sometimes little dishes of ground peanuts with a plastic spoon used for this purpose.

Why don’t many Thai dishes have nuts? Well, all nuts except for peanuts have to be imported into Thailand and are therefore very expensive locally. That is the main reason why they are only included in certain Thai foods.

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