Is Thai Food High in Cholesterol?

Delicious Thai food!! :-) ..."Green PaPaYa Salad" by Thai JasmineThe amount of cholesterol in Thai food is largely dependent upon what kind of meat you have with it and whether you have it topped off with an egg. The sauces and vegetables used as a base in Thai food don’t contain much cholesterol at all, and neither does the rice.

Cholesterol only comes from animal products and not from plants. If you get your Thai food with pork it will have a higher cholesterol content because pork is high in cholesterol.

Chicken is your best choice if you’re worried about cholesterol. White meat contains less cholesterol than red meat.

Squid and shrimp are also popular with Thai food, and they somewhat surprisingly are also high in cholesterol. But cholesterol from fish does not tend to raise long-term cholesterol levels in the blood as much as red meat does.

Thai people generally don’t have problems with high cholesterol, although they do eat lots of pork, squid, and shrimp.

If you want to make sure that the cholesterol levels are as low as they can be in your Thai food, you can also order any Thai dish vegetarian style.

Keep in mind that eggs have lots of cholesterol, as well, and it is very popular in Thailand to have a fried egg on top of your meal. Forgo that tasty option if you are worried about cholesterol.

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