How Do Thai People Eat Their Food?

Thai kitchen by Martin Fischer

Thai kitchen by Martin Fischer

If you guessed that in Thailand people eat their food with chopsticks, you’re wrong. Thai food is related to Chinese food, and sometimes Thai people do you eat with chopsticks, but it is not typical for them to do so.

Here in Thailand, the common utensils used for eating are a spoon and a fork. Knives are not usually used  with Thai food as they are in the Western world.

The spoon is the main eating utensil used by Thai people. The fork is used to scoop or spread the food into the spoon, which is then used to place the food into the mouth.

In Thailand, knives are usually only provided in restaurants that cater to Western tourists. In the local Thai restaurants, only a fork and a spoon is given, and that is what Thai people use regardless.

Here in Pattaya, the only restaurants I go to that have knives are the all-you-can-eat buffets that generally cater to foreigners.

When I first came to Thailand, it took a minute to get used to eating food without a knife, especially meats. But it doesn’t take long to get used to it.

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