Is Thai Food Indian Food?

Thai vegetables by seelensturmThai food and Indian food are two different cuisines each with its own distinct history. Each originated and evolved in separate parts of the world.

Nevertheless, many people confuse Thai food with Indian food because of their similarities.

Similarities between Thai food and Indian food

Thai and Indian food are both known to be very hot and spicy. In Thailand, the liberal use of Thai chili peppers in many dishes can make the mouth burn.

Indian food uses lots of curry to spice it up and add complexity. Thai food also uses both yellow and green curry in many dishes, and especially soups.

Both the Indian and Thai food are renowned for their very delicious sauces poured over rice, which is the staple carbohydrate in both cuisines. The sauces can be quite complex and have a combination of sweet, sour, and spiciness.

Because of these similarities, it is easy for people in the West to confuse Thai food and Indian food. But the more sophisticated palate will be able to differentiate between the two easily.

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