How Long Can Thai Food Keep in the Fridge?

Thai food by Imola Grácia MarjaiMany people buy Thai food “to go” (Ka Bon in Thai) and store it in their fridge at home to be eaten over the next day or two.

Thai food can certainly be kept in the fridge for at least a couple of days after preparation, to be consumed as needed. I personally don’t recommend it, though.

Although it is safe to eat some time after being cooked, I find that Thai food tends to taste significantly better when it is eaten fresh out of the wok. After being stored in the fridge, the spices and flavors seem to lose their edge and it just doesn’t taste as good.

I recognize that I’m in the minority with this opinion, however. It is incredibly popular here in Thailand to take Thai food home to be eaten there rather than in the restaurant.

If you plan on storing your Thai food in the refrigerator, I highly recommend that the rice be separated from the meat, vegetables, and sauces during storage. This is because in the refrigerator, the rice will soak up the sauce and become mushy and soggy.

But you can safely store Thai food in the refrigerator without worrying about health issues for the same amount of time you can store other foods. Just keep in mind that the taste and quality of the Thai food will suffer the longer it is refrigerated.

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