Does Thai Food Have Curry?

Thai food is fried in a wok by kochkiste.chMany different Thai foods do use spicy curry to add a bit of zing and heat to the dish. Yellow and green curries are both used in Thai food, especially soups.

Actually, one of the main reasons that many people get Thai food and Indian food mixed up is because they both often employ curries.

With that said, probably 80 percent of Thai food doesn’t have curry in it, so don’t go getting the idea that Thai food is loaded with it. Generally speaking, it’s not.

I’m a big fan of the yellow curry and one of my favorites is a yellow curry Thai soup pronounced Gang Cali. If you are going to visit Thailand I highly recommend that you try that.

The green curries are just too hot and spicy for my palate. Slices of eggplant another vegetables are often simmered in a green curry broth and then extra heat is added with Thai peppers. These dishes are so hot that I can barely finish them.

The good news is that when ordering food at a Thai restaurant, the curry is prominently listed and easy to decipher. If you don’t like curry it is easy to avoid and the majority of Thai foods don’t have it.

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