What Does Thai Food Consist of?

What are the main components of Thai food? Well, for starters, all Thai food comes with rice. In fact, the Thai word for rice is the same as the Thai word for food. Rice is the main staple of the Thai diet.

Second, the vast majority of Thai food has plenty of vegetables in it. Not all dishes, but most. Vegetables are healthy and cheap, and very plentiful in Thai food.

Third, Thai food utilizes a wide variety of spices. This makes Thai food flavorful and delicious, and rarely bland or boring.

Finally, all Thai dishes come with meat or fish. All Thai restaurants in Thailand offer the four basic choices for meat: chicken, pork, shrimp, and squid. Some restaurants also offer beef, but not all. You will need to choose one of these when you place your order, unless you prefer vegetarian.

These are the four main components the Thai food consists of. They are simple ingredients but the spices add a complexity that makes Thai food really stand out.

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