Can Dogs Eat Thai Food?

Thai Chili peppers by Peter

Thai Chili peppers

It won’t hurt your dog to eat Thai food, but the extreme spiciness of Thai food could cause digestive problems and diarrhea for your dog.

Many people experience diarrhea when they first start eating Thai food, and it is no different for dogs and other animals. It takes a while for the digestive system to become accustomed to the intense heat of Thai food.

In addition, Thai food can have different bacteria that the gut is not used to dealing with. Dogs are especially prone to diarrhea when they eat Thai food for the first few times.

It can be helpful to rinse the spices and sauces off of the meat in Thai food before feeding it to your dog. That way Fido can chomp down the tasty meat without the spices upsetting his stomach.

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