Does Avocado Stain Teeth?

There is no need to worry about any long-term or permanent staining to your teeth from avocados. They don’t change the color of your teeth over time like cigarette smoking or heavy coffee consumption sometimes can.

But because avocados have such a distinct and almost fluorescent green color, a smile can easily show any bits of avocado or guacamole lodged in between teeth. It is usually not a concern with avocado, but if you’re worried about it just do a quick check of your smile in the mirror after eating to make sure.

Ripe avocado is soft and mushy to the touch, and therefore it does not get lodged in between teeth easily. A quick rinsing of the mouth with water will usually do the trick to wash away any conspicuous bright green avocado.

But don’t let the fear of teeth staining prevention you from enjoying the health benefits and wonderful taste of avocados. It is nothing to worry about as they present no real danger in this regard.

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