Do Filter Water Bottles Really Work?

Water filters remove impurities. Image credit:

Water filters remove impurities. Image credit:

Do water bottles with filters really work, and are they worth the extra cost involved? Generally speaking, yes, water bottle filters perform quite well at their job of removing sediment and debris from drinking water. They can even remove heavy metals and other toxins from contaminated water.

Of course, there are many different types of filters, each with varying quality and benefits. Many bottles use a simple carbon activated filter, which is similar to the carbon filters used on Brita and Pure home water filtration systems. These carbon filters are inexpensive and perform well at removing bacteria, sediment, and odor from the drinking water.

When deciding whether you actually need to spend the additional money for a water bottle filter, it is best to consider the water source you will be utilizing. If you get your drinking water from the municipal water supply and it is clean, it may not even be necessary to spend the extra money on filtered water bottle. But I always filter my water, regardless, because it is so inexpensive to do so that I think it is worth the investment. It also makes the water taste better, too.

Even the inexpensive Bobble bottles which have become so popular, do quite well when filtering relatively clean water from the county water supply. These lightweight filters help to remove rust and odor and make drinking water more palatable.

Expensive, heavy duty filtered water bottles are used by long-distance hikers who must access water supplies that are less than clean. Stagnant water from a cloudy or muddy pond can be made safer and cleaner with the use of a water bottle filter. It is generally recommended to also use a secondary purification method, such as the use of iodine, and the circumstances in order to kill bacteria in the water.

So, yes, the bottom line is that water bottle filters do work and the extra cost involved is generally worth it, in my opinion. They will at least, make your drinking water taste better, and at best prevent you from getting sick by filtering out bacteria and toxins. There are a wide range of filtered bottles on the market with prices to match any budget.

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