Can Diabetics Eat Thai Food?

Thai Turkey Tenderloin Sauce On by Justin SmithAbsolutely. Thai food is very healthy and safe for diabetics, but there are a few things you can do to make sure that Thai food has a low glycemic load.

First, make or order your Thai food with whole-grain rice. Traditionally, Thai food is served with white rice which is a simple carbohydrate and will spike sugar levels. Whole-grain rice is complex and takes longer to break down in the digestive system.

Second, if you are eating at a Thai restaurant be sure to specify that you don’t want any sugar added to your food. Sometimes, a small spoonful or two of sugar is added to balance the spiciness.

In order to order Thai food with no sugar in Thai language, you can say “my ow namthan“.

I have to watch my sugar levels because of peripheral neuropathy caused by type II diabetes. I live in Thailand and eat Thai food all the time.

If you are diabetic, don’t be afraid to eat Thai food, but definitely take steps to make it as sugar-free and healthy as possible for you.

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