Are Avocados High in Fat Content?

Yes, avocados are extremely high in fat content, as an incredible 83% of the avocado is composed of oils and fats.  So how is it then that the avocado is routinely included on lists of super foods which are supposedly  the most nutritious and healthy foods in all the land?

The key reason is that almost the entire fat content of the avocado is from monounsaturated fat, as opposed to the saturated fat found in meat and other animal food sources.  Monounsaturated fat is a type of vegetable oil that is liquid at room temperature, and is most well-known for being the primary component of olive oil.

Monounsaturated fat in the diet is associated with decreased levels of bad cholesterol, and increased levels of HDL cholesterol, which are known to decrease risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.  So, while avocados do pack quite a caloric punch due to their high fat content, they are also extremely healthy for us when eaten in moderate portions.

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