Are Avocados Good for Your Skin and Hair?

Avocados have a wonderful deep moisturizing effect when applied directly to the skin or hair. Many professional skin creams, shampoos, and cosmetics include avocado in their list of ingredients for this very reason.

Avocados are packed with vitamins and phytonutrients which are very healthy for the hair and skin. People with dry or cracked skin and hair will see the most benefit, as will those suffering from split ends.

The cool and creamy creamy texture of avocado flesh makes it perfect for a facial mask or conditioning cream. You can mix in a little extra virgin olive oil to heighten the moisturizing effect.

Just mash a ripe avocado until it has a guacamole type texture and consistency, and then apply it directly to the face and skin. Put it in your hair while it is wet and towel dried, just after washing it with shampoo.

Let the avocado set for a while so that it can be absorbed– anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes for maximum benefit. Then, simply rinse the avocado out with warm water.

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