What Alcohol Goes with Thai Food?

Chang Thai Beer by H.C.

A nice lager or dark beer pairs best with the spiciness of Thai food. Actually, most people drink water with Thai food but if you have a taste for alcohol I would recommend beer. Thai food has an intense flavor that combines sweet, sour, and salty. In my opinion, wine […]

Is Thai Food Good for Cholesterol?

Spicy Thai by t-mizo

Eating Thai food regularly won’t negatively affect your cholesterol levels. For proof, look no further than the fact that very few Thai people have high cholesterol levels even though they eat Thai food every day. The only caveat I would mention is to limit your consumption of pork, which is […]

Is Thai Food an Aphrodisiac?

Smoke from a wok. Image by mmmsedap

Some people claim that Thai food is an aphrodisiac, increasing libido and sexual desire, because of its exotic flavor and intense spiciness. But is there any truth to that? Certainly, scientifically there is little evidence to suggest that Thai food has any effect on lust. But sexual desire is a […]

How Long Can Thai Food Keep in the Fridge?

Thai food by Imola Grácia Marjai

Many people buy Thai food “to go” (Ka Bon in Thai) and store it in their fridge at home to be eaten over the next day or two. Thai food can certainly be kept in the fridge for at least a couple of days after preparation, to be consumed as […]

How Expensive Is Thai Food?

Thai food by Imola Grácia Marjai

One of the great things about living in Thailand is that Thai food is not only really good, but it is also incredibly cheap and inexpensive. Thai food usually costs the equivalent of between one and three dollars for a typical dish. At the Thai restaurant I frequent, you can […]

Is Thai Food Eaten with Chopsticks?

Chopsticks by Ambuj Saxena

In Thailand, chopsticks are typically only used to eat noodles. Most of the time, Thai food is eaten with a spoon and fork rather than with chopsticks (and without a knife, too). Thai noodle dishes such as Pad Thai and noodle soup are usually served with chopsticks and a spoon. […]

Does Thai Food Smell?

Smoke from a wok. Image by mmmsedap

This question makes me smile because it brings up images of me repeatedly sneezing at Thai restaurants because of the pungent smells of the food cooking on the stove. The spices are so strong in some Thai dishes that if you are sitting downwind of the cooking area the smell […]

Does Thai Food Make You Sleepy?

Thai kitchen by Martin Fischer

Thai food doesn’t make you drowsy at all. In fact, I think it has more of the opposite effect. Foods that make you sleepy are usually high in saturated fat or simple sugars. In other words, unhealthy foods. But Thai food is good for you and does not feel heavy […]